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Loving this palette :D 
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Makeup Review Bare Minerals Starter Kit 
Rate: 4.5/5 
There are few makeup products I use for powder but I just got Bare Minerals and I absolutely love it! It is a good deal for a starter kit is only $68. 
Full Coverage: Gives a very natural appearance, almost airbrushed
No pores are visible
Blends very well
Long lasting
Can be in lock mode so contents won’t spill
Brush is made out of animal hair- goat
Helps improve skin and acne 
The brush can sometimes shed 
Pot container can spill even in lock mode 
Expensive if bought individually
Messy- Apply before dressing
What comes in the kit:
A small primer tube for all skin types
A small moisturizer 
A small deep cleaning foam 
Original powder
Matte Powder to control oily skin
Warmth powder: More of a bronzer
Blush: optional. I bought it separately and it cost $19 
Concealer: Put after original powder.
Touch up powder to finish all
Full powder brush
Concealer brush
Blush/Bronzer Brush
How to apply Bare Minerals 
Shake powder onto lid 
Take a brush
Swirl the brush onto the powder
Tape to get rid of excess powder
Apply to face using a circular motion 
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Makeup Haul! And my first! 
I decided to test out the lipstain from Maybelline and NYC and there were some good results and some bad ones. Before applying lipstain, remember to put chapstick on because the color can seep into your lips, making your fine lines appear very deep. 
The lip stain are in order as from the picture: 
From Left to Right:
A Touch of Toffee
Wink of Pink
Cherry Pop
NYC Forever Fuchsia 
A Touch of Toffee: It’s not the color as it seems  in the picture. It’s more of a darker, and deeper color. Almost dark orange/brown/red hue. Otherwise, it was an alright color. Maybe for daytime look. 
Wink of Pink: Very pretty color, it wasn’t too bright or too dark. 
Cherry Pop: I like the color because it was a very deep red, almost bright. 
NYC Forever Fuchsia: I love it! The color was perfect, almost giving an illusion your lip was bitten. It is a bit bright pink, but since I mixed it with my chapstick, it turned into a dark pink/red. The color is intense. 
As for Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain, the tip gets verrrryyy dry quickly. I like how the lipstain tip looks, makes the applying more precise. But the lip stain does not last long, maybe a few hours. But it can be easily wiped off with just a touch of liquid. I don’t know why but, the smell is also good. Lol. Like peaches with the Touch of Toffee. 
NYC 16 Hour Forever Fuchsia 
The tip was very soft and there was no drying of the tip. It’s very hard to come off. No strong smell, no taste. 
Both lip stain have fine point, makes it easier to apply. Both have different colors, but choose carefully because some of the colors are not what they seem.  I do recommend putting a lipbalm or gloss on top of it because it can make your lips feel really dry.
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